Auto Profit Suite, yet ANOTHER binary options scam

Auto Profit Suite Scam

Name: Auto Profit Suite
Price: $250
Owners: Aaron Martin
Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

Pros Vs Cons


-Introductory videos are fairly well produced…I guess.


-No explanation on how the system works.

-Very little explanation about binary options

-Program makes unrealistic monetary claims.

-Program is nothing but a scam that tries to get you to deposit money with a binary options broker; so that the owner gets an affiliate commission from the deposit.

Who is Auto Profit Suite for?

No one. Except for people who like getting scammed.

Auto Profit Suite Tools and Training

I assume that there is not much training involved. If there is an actual software provided, than I guess there maybe some training involved.

Auto Profit Suite Support

There pretty much is no support involved with Binary Option scams.

Auto Profit Suite Price

Like almost all the other binary option scams, they claim that there “secret” trading software is free, which is usually true, but in order to proceed; you have to make at least a $250 deposit with whatever broker they are affiliated with.

Auto Profit Suite, another binary options scam that is “free.”

Auto Profit Suite Scam

So, here we go again with another binary option scam. I wrote about binary options scams a few weeks ago, and you can view that post here.

It seems like the more I find this type of scam on the internet, the more crazy their promises of profit become. It is very common for these types of schemes to have very well produced introductory videos, and I would say that this one is no exception. There are plenty of images of money, expensive cars, boats, houses etc.

As usual, the video is very misleading, and it is meant for people who are either in desperate straights financially, or someone who is really greedy. and lazy come to think of it. They know that most people will not fall for it, and they are targeting convulsive buyers. If you landed on this page, that probably means you decided to do some research before putting out any money. Good for you!

The software that they are promising you? Completely worthless. It is impossible to automatically predict trades that happen on the binary options market, or any trade market for that matter.

With this particular scam, they are claiming that you can make about a thousand dollars a dayfor life, without having to do anything on your part.

Unfortunately, life is not that simple. 

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It is possible to make money online, but not without hard work, dedication, and the ability to grind through obstacles. It is a hard road, and it is why most people fail at making money online. If it was easy, than everyone would be doing it. Working online is just like everything else in life.

What is auto profit suite? 

Auto profit suite is a binary options program that basically makes trades for you (assuming that the software actually exists, and this is not just a hit-and-run scam) on the binary options market. They claim that the software is free, which it is, but in order to get the software you have to make a $250 deposit with whatever broker they are working with.

That is not to say that the broker themselves are involved with the scam. They have affiliate programs, and the scammers take advantage of them by using the affiliate program to make money of the $250 deposit. And that is it. This whole thing is about getting an affiliate commission from any deposit that you make.

Does auto profit suite have any redeemable qualities? 


Is it possible to make money with this program?

No, not really. You may be able to make some money by getting some luck on the first few trades that the software makes for you, I guess. But than you will eventually lose all of it, unless you take it out of the account.


I do NOT recommend auto profit suite as a way to make money online. It is just a complete waste of your money; don’t be someone that they pray on!

Name: Auto Profit Suite
Price: $250
Owners: Aaron Martin
Overall Rank: 0 out of 10


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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for this review and for the heads up on this product.

    I’ve given binary options some thought over the years but never did take the plunge. Now that I’m making a full-time living online and I know a little more, I’m glad I never went for binary options even though there are some decent ways of doing it.

    This obviously isn’t a good way of doing it and I’m glad your exposing it for what it is. Thanks for the info.


    • No problem, glad I could help. =) There are legit ways to make money with binary options as you indicated, but it takes a lot of training and patience, and even then it is still difficult.

      Thanks for the comment. =)

  2. Hello there , what a waste of time is this new system?…I have personally reviewed a lot of binary options trading systems and only 1 out of them proved to be a legitimate product.

    How can all the binary scams ask for $250?..Is that a tariff pre set?..And how can all these masters have a similar story to confess.That they found a software it could predict the stock movements with a success ratio of 90%..Yeah right

    Good expose author , I like your rating.

    • The $250 is not really set by the scammers, it is set by the brokers that they work with. The brokers are usually not involved with the scam, the scammers are their affiliates trying to make a commission. And you are right, a 90% success ratio is complete BS, made to fool the desperate, the greedy, and the gullable.

  3. Thanks Jeff, for giving me the heads up on this!
    I have wondered about the platform being based predominantly in Cyprus, where the regulations are a little, lax? I too have investigated a little bit, and came across a company called cedarfinance, who, if the viddeo is to be believed, makes you think red button green button duh!

    • I like the red button/green button analogy lol. Cedar Finance is the broker that they are affiliated with, I believe. They are probably not involved in the scam, but you never know. Thanks for the comment. =)

  4. Wow – I’m so surprised people still fall for these binary options softwares. It’s such a shame they are so effective. Only the broker ever makes money off these programs ( and the affiliate who made the product video as well! ).
    I guess they are really well put together – that’s why so many people fall for the scam 🙁

    • From what i have seen, most of the videos by binary options scammers are actually very well produced… and yes, I agree that a lot of people fall for them. I guess there will always be greedy people, and people desperate for money, to keep these scammers going.

  5. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for bringing another binary options scam to our attention. Hopefully you will keep a few people away from this scheme.
    I am always surprised people fall for these type of scams. How can software predict the markets that are changing all the time? Of course it isn’t possible. The only people who make any money out of this are the brokers and the owner of Auto Profit Suite or the other binary options scammers.

    • No problem man. Most of the people who fall for this type of scam don’t do any research at all, but hopefully SOME of them will run into this article before buying. =) Thanks for the comment Peter.

  6. Yet another binary options scam again. Auto profit suite. Thank you, Jeff for sharing this info to us to educate. Yes, we truly need bloggers like you to continue to do good work so that lesser people will be cheated. Your efforts will not be wasted as readers like us appreciate your review. Thank you very much.

  7. Nice review right there!!! I have heard of such scams but haven’t joined them, as there are too good to be true. You cannot get anything without working for it, and the $ 250 is a lot of money to spend without being sure of how it’s done.I hope to read more scams review from your site.

  8. Whenever it comes to binary options, it is usually affiliated with the word scam often times. I’m not trying to say that binary options itself is a scam but the amount of scams is too much these days that my brain tend to automatically associate binary options with scam. Thanks for this review, you have to expose more of them that is out there.

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