Get cash for surveys review – is it a scam?

get cash for surveys scam

Name: Text Cash Network
Price: $37
Owners: Gary Mitchell
Overall Rank: 1 out of 10

Who is Get Cash for Surveys for?

Anyone who would like to make money online by mindlessly filling out surveys.

Get Cash for Surveys tools and training

Well, the actual business is pretty simple. Just simply fill out the surveys and get paid!

Get Cash for Surveys support

I am not sure if the owner offers any support to be honest. Probably not…especially since, as I said, this business is very simple.

Get Cash for Surveys Price

It is advertised as $74 but on the right is a 50% discount code which brings the cost down to $37, with a “money back guarantee.” However, the program is through Clickbank so I am sure you can get your money back without to much problems.

The site claims that the “coupon” is for today only, but don’t believe that. That is just to create a “better buy now” situation…a common sales tactic.

get cash for surveys scam

Get Cash for Surveys…you will be lucky to get back the $37 that you paid to join.

Get cash for surveys is another survey site that is promising you thousands of dollars, per month, just to sit at your computer and take online surveys. Sounds realistic, eh? You have finally found a way to semi-retire and have the life that you have always dreamed of! Screw the basic rules of life that you really never get any money without putting out real work and effort.

Unfortunately, get surveys for cash is just a scam, not only to get your hard earned $37, but probably also to get your personal information to sell to other companies; so they can bombard you with spam and other kinds of advertisements.

The owner doesn’t even have a video or fake testimonials or any interesting graphics, which is kind of surprising for a scam like this. Most of the time a video with these fake “pay to get paid” survey sites will play as soon as you visit the page, with the owner or whoever talking about how much money your about to make, along with a bunch of fake fiverr generated testimonials.

The page is just not very convincing in my opinion, but from the number of searches that it gets per month would indicated that people are still falling for it.

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So can I make any money with this program?

Not likely, and as I said you will be lucky to make the $37 entry fee back. I hate to break it to you if you didn’t already know, even legit survey companies pay pennies for completed surveys, maybe a dollar if your lucky.


get surveys for cash scam

Gary Mitchell, or whoever the owner is, gives very misleading numbers as far as the amount of money you will get paid for each survey you complete, as you can see from the screen shot above.

I used to work for a survey company a few years ago, and commonly part of the survey business is that you will not qualify for many of the surveys offered. You have to meet a certain demographic, and it can be age, location, race, or whatever. This also means that you will be answering a lot of personal questions; hopefully they at least make your identity anonymous (which i doubt that they will).


I do not recommend this program to anyone as a way to make an income online. You may pay of your deposit if you qualify for enough surveys, but that will take months. If your bored and want to check it out because of the refund promise, than go knock yourself out!

If your still interested in making money from taking surveys, than head over to

Name: Text Cash Network
Price: $37
Owners: Gary Mitchell
Overall Rank: 1 out of 10

Verdict: Borderline scam!

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  1. I hadn’t heard of this cash for surveys variation before but after reading your review of it I won’t be going anywhere near it. I have never been taken in by similar sites because they always promise something that is too good to be true and as the saying goes “if it’s too good to be true it probably is”. The only real way to make money on-line is hard work, dedication, patience and persistence to succeed. Your number 1 recommendation is the way to go. Thanks for sharing.

    • It is definitely not something you want to be involved with, it just a waste of time and money. My recommendation does not promise riches, but it gives you a chance to work hard and make a full time income.

      And you are right, the “if it sounds to good to be true” cliche definitely does apply here.

  2. Hello good afternoon

    Like most people, I’m worried about finances income never increasing and cost of living always increasing so l thought, time to increase my income.
    But l did not know how to do it from home,l do not have any online marketing experience.
    A friend told me to do online surveys as they take very little effort and I could make money.
    As I have no experience with any surveys l went to look online and came upon your site.
    You have explained things so well and now I know what to look for in the so-called online surveys.Unfortunately lm not ready to pay to join any survey,to my understanding, taking a survey is in a way working for them,giving my opinion which matter one way or the other,why should i pay anyone to give my opinion.
    Thanks for your honest opinion.

    • No problem, glad I could help. Paying other people to give your opinion is as ridiculous as it sounds, and they are ALWAYS scams.

      Your friend was probably reffering to the websites that allow you to take surveys for free; for a small sum of money.

  3. Agree with everything you said! I regretfully tried a bunch of these “get rich quick” survey sites, and every single one was the same way. Most of the time you wouldn’t qualify for surveys or get paid pennies and sometimes not even that much. This information needs to get out there so people do not fall for these scams and lose their hard earned money.

    • Thanks for the comment Mark. The information is out there; people just need to look for it before getting involved with these type of scams. The scammer knows that most people are not going to fall for it, and most people who do will ask for their money back, but there are people out there that are desperate for money for one reason or another.

      Sorry to hear you got sucked into some of them. I hope you got your money back, and you are on the right path with a legit program!

      Take care


  4. Hi Jeff, I agree that most surveys will only pay out a small amount and it is a hard way to make any money. I have a friend who does them for fun and makes a small amount but most legit companies will not charge you to give them marketing information.

    These companies are taking advantage of the marketing process and acting as middlemen, there are plenty of opportunities to take part in surveys without paying out a penny.

    It’s about time these sort of schemes were highlighted for what they are and it’s great to see someone such as yourself exposing the scam businesses.

    • Hey Marie, thanks for the comment. =)

      Yeah….it definitely makes NO SENSE to pay anyone to take surveys…Usually you will end up paying more than you make.


  5. I totally agree with you Jeff. I can’t believe how many of these scams exists out there. There are so many legit ways to earn on the Internet. It is a shame that people like this website offer ways to take money from people that desperately need extra income. Most of the survey sites are scams.

    • Most of the PAID survey sites (where you pay them to take their surveys) are scams, in fact all of them are. There are a few legit survey sites, but they don’t pay that much ($50/month at the most).

  6. It always seems to be a scam technique, doesn’t it….They show one price then immediately gives 50% coupon. Limited offer. And money back guarantee. You might earn some money in the long run but it’s too risky and frankly earning money from survey is boring.

    I’ve never heard of Get Cash for Surveys before, but I’ll stay away. Especially you’re giving 1 out of 10…. Thanks for the great info!

    • No problem, thanks for commenting. 🙂

      Earning money from surveys is not only boring, it is almost impossible to gain any significant income by doing it alone. And if you are going to pay them to take the surveys, you will be hard pressed to even make that money back.

  7. Jeff,
    I have never understood why people would pay for something that is indeed free, which is why I feel the whole Get Cash For Surveys system is a ripoff. A quick Google search will give you plenty paid surveys that can be completed for free. I agree with you, you would be lucky to earn the $37 investment back. Online surveys just simply do not pay enough given the required time commitment. Thanks for this post.

  8. Thank you for bring this SCAM to our attention. I had not heard of this one so it was good to know.

    I do wonder though whether there are legitimate survey sites which actually pay good money. In the past I have joined survey sites only to not qualify for surveys or get paid very littl for a lot of work.

    • There are some survey sites that actually pay…just not that much. You’ll be extremely lucky to make $50 in one month. The whole survey thing is just a waste of time in my opinion, there is only one real way to make money online or otherwise, and that is putting in the work,

  9. It’s such a shame that people come online to earn through giving their opinion…and don’t realize that you can earn from surveys for free!
    You never need to pay to sign up to earn this way as there are thousands of reward sites out there that are willing to let you partake for free!

    • Indeed, and even the free ones aren’t really worth your time. You still got to qualify for them and as I said you probably make a maximum of $50 in a month, on a very good month that is…Paying to take them is even worse because you usually dont even make the entrance fee!

  10. Hi Jeff
    Good review and to me surveys are just a waste of mindless time for little return. Most are like this. They offer up testimonials or results showing you how to make hundreds even thousands and it is such crap. Such a shame people fall for them but like you said you could probably easily get money back from Clickbank. I will not be wasting my time in the first place. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Good review and to me surveys are just a waste of mindless time for little return. Most are like this. They offer up testimonials or results showing you how to make hundreds even thousands and it is such crap. Such a shame people fall for them but like you said you could probably easily get money back from Clickbank. I will not be wasting my time in the first place. Thanks for the heads up!

  12. Hello Jeff,

    Thanks a lot for opening my eyes to this and for avoiding another scam. I heard about this survey program on the internet and their promises seemed to look good to me.

    In fact I almost signed, but then I decide to do some research online before doing so, and I’m so glad I found this article before making such a BIG mistake.

    Thanks a lot I have advised myself now.

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