Making Money Online is Always Going to be Difficult!

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I know many of you who may read this have probably at least somewhat heard of some way to make quick and easy money online. If you haven’t than you have not been on the “make money online scene”  for that long. There  are a lot of “make money” schemes online and probably about 70-80% (very conservatively) are complete scams and most of the rest are schemes like this  that may eventually pay you if you sell your soul and pay them thousands of dollars first, and stuff like this where you take surveys or some other menial task where the work is rare and getting paid is even rarer.

As I said, a lot of the time it is just a complete scam; such as paying to take surveys for money or binary options or other stuff were it is almost impossible to make back even whatever you invested in the first place, and surprisingly those scams still seem to be going strong even with a new generation or so of people now having the ability to spend money online. Making money online is always going to be difficult, just like making money in general is always going to be difficult. It is just the way the world works i’m afraid.



So is there a way to make easy and quick money online? Well…no. Even scamming people is hard work. Anything you get involved with will not be quick or easy, it would take a lot of passion and hard work, at least a lot more than advertised. Sometimes your job is basically to scam other people, usually involving recruiting people into the same pyramid scheme you got into, so than they can go out and scam other people and so one and so forth. Usually these types of schemes will have some kind of “training” they convince you to purchase to “reach the next level.” The “training” is usually generally worthless and can be found online for free and from better sources.

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Can a so-called get rich quick scheme work? Yes it can! Will it be quick and easy? No it will not. The internet is just like the rest of the world. You get what you put into it. Making money online can be very convenient, especially for people with children or people who are disabled, but it is not any easier than making money elsewhere. In fact, a lot of the time I think it is even harder!

Anways, I recently joined a “make money online” Facebook group and I swear every five minutes someone comes up with another way to make big bucks online…with very little effort and time of course. All you go to do is invest $10 here or $20 there and your rich!


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The ad above may look promising, especially to those of your that are new to all this, but I have seen probably thousands of similar ads in my lifetime. The screenshot may look legit and some of you might be thinking “oh look at that they even provided a screenshot!” or “but they said it is free to join!” or something to that effect, but just keep in mind that screenshots are easy to fake these days with Gimp and photoshop, and of course just because they say it is free to join does not mean that they don’t have hidden charges somewhere.

Could the above ad be a legitimate opportunity? I didn’t look into it beyond the ad itself so it could be. Chances are that it is not. Chances are is that it wants you to recruit people or it has some kind of hidden charge. It could be just about anything, and if you have the urge to at least check them out than I don’t blame you because I was once that type of person. Just be very careful about who you give your money to.

People never get paid for having absolutely no skills!


You may have seen ads like the one above before, and you may have even bought into it (if you did don’t feel bad, I know a few people who I consider smart who fell for worse scams than this). Ads like this are USUALLY a sign of a low quality project that is either a complete scam or some cheap recruiting system. They promise you tons of money, but require no skills or effort on your part. Sure, it maybe possible to make money with them, but what are you going to have to go through to be successful with their system? It will most likely take a lot more effort than advertised. Be prepared to get friends and family involved…


So as you can see there are a lot of pitfalls to making money online. There is a way you can legitimately make money online, and yes it just happens to be for the company I kind of work for but hear me out! You can make money by promoting any kind of product that you are passionate about, or you can do what I am doing and make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate! It will not be easy and there will be ups and downs, but I do recommend you give their free trial a try. You can read my full review on them or you can go straight to their webpage and make a free account. If you are not interested than good luck finding what you are looking for in this mind field of scams and sub-par products.

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  1. I love how sincere you are in this post, usually the ones that I read always promise that everything is going to be easy, so im glad that you strongly point out that dispite of having the best tools you still have to put in the hard work, something that is not really easy and simple. Great work!

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