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As I have said before, it is physically possible to make money from affiliate marketing without help and without spending money or using any resources.

It is just very difficult, and you would have to get very lucky, because you would not have the keyword research that is so critical to get your page ranked in the search engines, and you would not have any training and support.

The good news is that, with affiliate marketing, you do not have nearly as much of a start up cost as would would with almost any other type of business. You don’t have to pay rent on a building,or pay employees (unless you out source your content sometime down the line), or buy insurance or anything like that. I don’t know anyone that pays even close to $100 a month to create and support their online business; that is ridiculously low compared to how much it would cost to get any other kind of business going.

I will offer some free training on this site from time to time, and there are other resources that you can use for free, but I highly suggest that you check out some of my recommendations below. Rest assured that I will not recommend any service that won’t allow you to try it before you invest in it, or asks for a credit card beforehand.

The number one rule to making money online (in any kind of business, not just affiliate marketing) is DON’T BUY ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN’T TRY FOR FREE FIRST.

Below is a brief summary of some of the tools and training resources that I you will need to get going


Keyword Research Tool

A keyword research tool is probably the most important thing you will need to be successful making an independent income with affiliate marketing. You should probably use one that runs with Google, because that is by far the most used search engine on the internet.

A good keyword research tool will tell you how many people search for (whatever keyword or phrase you are searching for) and how many websites are competing for rankings in Google. Without it, you would be wandering around in the dark, and you would just have to guess what keywords you should write your content around.

The keyword tool that I recommend is Jaaxy. Jaaxy bases is information of google searches for keywords and key phrases, and more importantly it allows you to search keywords for free before having to upgrade your account (about 30 searches if I recall correctly). A more thorough review of Jaaxy will be up on this site in the near future, but I show you how it works just to give you an idea. (Click the thumbnails to enlarge, if necessary)

free keyword research tool
Jaaxy main page


The picture on the right is what the main page looks like. Click the blue button to the right to create a free account, and get your 30 free searches. The green button is to create a premium account, which would give you an unlimited amount of searches, but remember, try before you buy!




Below is a screenshot of keyword research that I have done recently. I live in the middle of the woods, so as you would expect, I have some issues with mice. I have a tendency to do a jaaxy search on everything that I come across in life, so I did a keyword search for ” Mouse traps,” and this is what came up:

Keyword Research, Mouse trap
Mouse trap keyword


If you enlarge the screenshot, you will notice that the keyword is displayed, along with other related keywords and key phrases. I will get into more detail in a future post as to what each one is telling you, but its mostly self-explanatory. In general, it will tell you how many searches per month the keyword gets, the number of competitive sites for the keyword, and a rating between 1-100 that represents the quality of the keyword (as far as how well it could potentially bring traffic to your site).

Click here to check out Jaaxy.


Domain Name Provider

At some point, you will probably want to buy your own domain name. They are cheap, usually around $10 for a whole year.

You can get web space for free, but its not going to be a .com or a .org or anything like that. I know you havenamecheap, domain names probably heard about godaddy from their ridiculous TV commercials or wherever, but I prefer to use namecheap. They have excellent customer service, they can host your website if you want, and it is very simple to transfer the domain from namecheap, something that you will have to do unless you use their hosting.

As I said, you can get web space for free, and you can certainly start out with a free site if you want, but eventually you will want your own domain. It is only $10, so it is not worth cutting from the budget when you consider how much of a difference it can make for your business. .Coms and .orgs rank much better than say or

Click here to visit namecheap.


Training is probably the most important thing you need to be successful at creating an online business.

Luckily, there is a place where you can get training, website hosting, and almost everything you need to be successful with an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for about ten years, and it has built quite a large base of premium Wealthy affiliate screen shotmembers. There is really no better resource for an online business, and you can join for free (without having to give credit card information). There is truly endless amounts of training and resources even with a free account.

A more comprehensive review of wealthy affiliate will be posted on this website shortly. In the meantime it is worth trying out the free account, so at the very least you can get started. You get two free websites, so you can started on your business, and if you choose to go premium down the line you can easily transfer them to a new domain!

Click here to create a free WA account.

And finally….

 google logo

Google is probably going to be your most important resource throughout this adventure. Not only are they the most used search engine on the internet, but they also provide some very useful tools.

. Webmaster tools is where you can get information for your site, such as how many visitors you have had for a specified time period and what search queries you are ranking under.

Analytics has more in depth information about your site. That is where you can keep track of who your visitors are, where they come from, how long they stay, and when and where on your site they leave.

I am not going to get into to many details because this is a little more advanced, and ill get more into them at a later date. They deserve to be mentioned though, because they will become mainstays on your browser as your business and your website evolves.

Please leave any feedback or questions you may have in the comment section below.


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